Pride Toronto 2012

31 amazing years of Pride Toronto, this was my first and I’m already itching for next years! It was as though someone had hit a piñata and nothing but good vibes, craziness and fun in its purest form fell out:

After the parade, the party spilled over onto Toronto’s Church Street and to say it was awesome would be an understatement; “eat pussy not animals” & “foreskins are fabulous” are my favourite quotes of the day. 

Snacks…they’re convenient, they’re vegan junk food and I love ‘em! You can find even more of these gems at and I’d also like to mention Oreos, Fudgee-Os, Skittles, Swedish Fish and Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate but bear in mind that product ingredients may vary from country to country. Share the wealth if you know of some rad snacks that aren’t on these lists or dime out any foes that have been mentioned but don’t belong here!

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